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Carlsen and Associates, firmly established as the industry leader, the Carlsen Winemaking System is comprised of a range of equipment and support that covers the entire journey between vine and stemware.

Receiving Hopper new


This system is most commonly used for feeding your destemmer-crusher with 1/2 ton picking bins. The design and function provides for a very consistent and metered feed. The legs are adjustable for feeding the discharge directly to press. This hopper can also be utilized for feeding red pomace back to press.

Height adjustments are made easily with your forklift for use in any scenario.

  • Whole Cluster Fruit to Press
  • Fermented Red Must to Press
  • Feed Destemmer - Crusher
  • Feed Sorting Table

Designed for dumping half- ton bins into on the fly, the Carlsen 6- Foot Horizontal Receiving Hopper is the key to best results from your destemmer. By supplying the destemmer with a specific flow rate of grapes, the operator can then dial in the perfect speed at the destemmer.  In a hand- picked fruit scenario, this could minimize the need for sorting grapes. And it will save labor and increase the quality of the destemmed fruit that is accepted during sorting.

Is it GENTLE on grapes?

 A horizontal, tight- fitting, flight edged, polished interior, over sized, contiguous- welded, seamless shaft auger is not harming the fruit.  There is no pinch zone between the hopper floor and the screw. There is negligible, if any increase in solids using this hopper. The energy used to move the fruit is not wasted, as the bunches slide easily on the polished stainless interior of the hopper. This design is more gentle than hand- raking fruit out of a bin, into the destemmer. It is also much more efficient; And that saves labor. 


1 to 25 tons per hour
Feeding Fruit to the Destemmer
Feeding Fruit to the Press
Feeding Red Pomace to the Press

Standard Features
Adjustable Legs
Variable Speed
Stainless Steel Casters
Hinged Lid
12" Stainless Steel Screw
Two-Year Warranty

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  • 12 gauge stainless steel body
  • Adjustable legs for discharge range of 63" to 106"
  • 3" stainless steel tube frame
  • Optional leveling feet
  • Stainless steel casters with brakes

Screw Conveyor

  • 12" diameter stainless steel conveyor screw
  • Seal-welded on both sides of flight
  • UHMW flight edging

Motor and Gearbox

  • 2 hp 1750 rpm TEFC motor
  • 30 rpm gearbox


  • Variable frequency drive
  • Waterproof enclosure
  • Stop/Start and speed control are panel mounted
  • Forward/Reverse Switch
  • 50’ of power cord (the electrical plug is to be supplied by the customer)
  • Pigtail on the electrical panel included for remote operations