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Carlsen and Associates, firmly established as the industry leader, the Carlsen Winemaking System is comprised of a range of equipment and support that covers the entire journey between vine and stemware.

Ozone Pump System

Portable Ozone Pump System


This system is designed to be used in-line on any water stream with a flow rate between 5 to 100 gpm. Operating features include automatic stopping and starting based on water flow.


Ozone Technology SGA 21 Ozone Generator

  • Ozone Production to 18+ gram/hr
  • Oxygen Separator
  • Air flow indicator

Mechanical Controls

  • Stainless steel piping with 1-1/2" Triclamp inlet and outlet connections
  • 1/3 hp stainless steel centrifugal booster pump
  • 1/2 hp air compressor with 30 psi pressure relief valve

Treat Barrels
Control Contamination
Sanitize Containers
Sanitize Tanks
Sanitize Bottling Equipment

Standard Features
Simple Operation
18+ gram/hr Production
Rugged Construction
Auto Flow Switch
5 - 100 gpm Water Flow
Pressures up to 80 psi
Two-Year Warranty

Options Available
30 gram/hr Generator

Call for Pricing


  • Stainless steel enclosure mounted
  • Off/On switch with LED indicator
  • Water supply flow switch (5 gpm minimum flow rate and 100 gpm maximum)
  • 50' of power cord
  • Unit operates at 120 volts 20 amp 1 phas

Off Gas Destruct Chamber

  • Mounts on discharge port
  • Vents to atmosphere through a replaceable magnesium dioxide filled bag
  • Converts surplus ozone to oxygen


  • Foam-filled tires with polypropylene hubs
  • 1-1/2" stainless steel tubing
  • Stainless steel fitting basket

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