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Carlsen and Associates, firmly established as the industry leader, the Carlsen Winemaking System is comprised of a range of equipment and support that covers the entire journey between vine and stemware.

Incline Conveyer

Incline Conveyor



  • Adjustable Discharge Height

  • Two Infeed Hoppers Available

  • No Liquid Retention

  • Cleanout Port at Base

  • Open Design for Easy Cleanup

  • Curved Cleats

  • Belt Scraper on Return Side

  • Stainless Steel Casters with Brakes Made in the USA

  • Two-Year Warranty

Construction and Design

  • Stainless Steel Frame and Body

  • Variable Speed Control

  • Bonded Cleats on 12” Centers

  • Nitrile Belt with Alligator Lacing

  • Adjustable Belt Tension

  • Available for Single Phase Power


  • Processes 1 to 10 tons per hour

  • Send Fruit Directly to Destemmer

  • Send Presort fruit to Destemmer from Table

  • Send Post Sort fruit to Press or T-bin from Table

  • Send Fruit Directly to Press or Fermentor

  • Call For Pricing

Call For Pricing

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