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Carlsen and Associates, firmly established as the industry leader, the Carlsen Winemaking System is comprised of a range of equipment and support that covers the entire journey between vine and stemware.

Carlsen Basket Press

This pump will produce flows of approximately 80 gpm at 185’ of head (80 + psi), making this pump ideal for running a tank washer. The variable speed control also allows this pump to be used year round for other cellar and crush pad projects.


Carlsen Basket Press



  • Gentle juice extraction
  • High speed retraction
  • Rolling gantry for ease of operation
  • Manual or automatic control with eight program choices in automatic control with user adjustments
  • Pressures up to 5 bar
  • Fast and easy cleanup
  • Portable
  • Made in the USA with readily available components

Construction and design

  • All stainless steel frame and gantry
  • Stainless steel slotted basket, press platen and 60 gallon drain sump
  • Two-stage hydraulic motor
  • Stainless steel hydraulic lines
  • Non-stick drain plate with juice channels
  • Components are available domestically
  • 208, 220, 240 and 480v power


  • Additional stainless steel basket


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